1/14/2022 - updated 5/28/2022

Pretending games

Some people pretend to be the opposite sex. This was not particularly interesting to anyone besides those who engage in it, and mental health professionals. Why, then, all the recent interest, debate, campaigning, and gnashing of teeth?

According to trans ideology, this is a struggle for justice by an oppressed group - trans people and their allies against the “transphobia” of the systems, institutions, and people that mistreat them for being trans. Such supposed mistreatment includes “misgendering” i.e. recognising a trans person’s actual sex rather than playing along with their pretense, and treating them accordingly.

Revolt of the normies

Here’s another view:

  1. Men and women are different, and one can’t change into the other.
  2. Ordinary people are being told they must participate in the game of pretend. This began with the request, now a demand and expectation, that we go along with the “preferred pronouns” practice. Non-compliance is called bigotry, “transphobia”.
  1. 2.1. A subculture of activists has emerged as ideological enforcers. They have gained several victories against normal people: having them deny, in word and deed, that men and women (and boys and girls) are different.
  2. 2.2. Besides the pronouns farce, we now see men in sport competing against women "as women", males winning awards designated for females, people in the wrong public toilets and changing rooms, and a couple of men in womens' prisons.
  3. 2.3. Children are pursuing gender transition: surgeons are removing healthy breast tissue from girls as young as 13, and boys are getting chemically and sometimes surgically castrated.
3. This is nuts. No amount of lies and obfuscations will justify these absurdities. But the lies and obfuscations (and the threats) cunningly orchestrated as they have been, have confused and cowed people into submission. 4. But some are resisting this trend. E.g. feminists and conservatives, that improbable alliance who previously set aside their differences and collaborated to prosecute anti-pornography and anti-prostitution campaigns. These groups and others, staunch in their view than men and women are different (and that it matters) form the core of the much-needed backlash against the demands of trans activists.

Now, this opposition is obviously called “transphobic”. This defamation from the media is a result of those organisations, indeed many sectors of the academia-journalism-industrial complex, having been previously infiltrated and subverted into arms of the transsexual empire. Big tech, too.

The opposition seems like a marginal movement. Despite representing a historically and biologically normal stance, the “underground” naturally attracts some weirdoes.

Much is in dire need of clarification, thanks to gender ideology’s obscurantism.

Sensible conduct depends on clear thinking, which depends on clear communication. So, some definitions:

Trans woman: man pretending to be a woman.

Trans man: woman pretending to be a man.

Non-binary: someone who pretends to be neither sex or both. Might be considered trans, or not, depending on you you ask.

More to come:

Acknowledgement: I appropriated a great subtitle, modified, from Douglas Wilson.